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Night image from Burning Man 2012

Archway outside center camp - Burning Man 2012

Archway outside center camp – Burning Man 2012

I’ve not run any night scenes against the algorithm, so I decided to test some images from last year’s burn. I don’t know the name of this particular piece of artwork, but it was a beautiful piece of CNC plywood construction, dripping with LEDS.

Resolution Bug

I’ve been watching a behavior for a couple of weeks now and it finally came to me what the problem was. When I rewrote the settings screen I tried to do something clever with the resolution slider that effectively broke it and locked it at point where no objects could be created that were under ten pixels in size. So, with the fix in place – here’s a comparison between a hi-res image and the one I added in yesterday’s post.

The hi-res wife!   The wife at Kennesaw Moutain.
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Sweet Adelines

Sweet Adelines/Song of Atlanta

Sweet Adelines/Song of Atlanta

So – there’s this thing called Sweet Adelines. It’s competitive women’s barbershop chorus. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to hang out with this crowd over the past couple of years and have gotten to know a number of vary cool people in the process. I’ve been using some of their photos as test images –

This is one of my early successes, when I was first getting an idea that this process would actually work.

Sweet Adelines/Song of Atlanta

Sweet Adelines/Song of Atlanta

Rendered in circles – with borders turned on. This is one of the benefits of working with the SVG format. You always have the opportunity to tweak and modify the settings for a particular image once the job is run. This is something that I want to spend some more time with –

A portrait of the artist as a ...

A portrait of the artist as a ,,,

… and the obligatory selfie. Just a typical night at the residence.

PImPed Sentimental Weasles


Four Barbershop singers at a workshop doing their best weasel impersonations.

Original Image Attribution: Claire Gardiner

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