Peglegasus 1.0

Peglegasus Image Processing Setup

  • This is an Alpha version. Your feedback will let me know what you like and what you don’t and what changes you might find helpful in the UI. Your comments are welcome.
  • If you produce something interesting, Post the job name in the comments and I’ll add your image to the blog.

A typical PImP job will produce good results in a couple of hours depending on the size of the image you want to output and the general capabilities of your computer. The job will also try to use up all available processing resources, so if you’re trying to cure cancer, crack passwords, or otherwise do anything that needs your processor – you’ll have some tough decisions to make. PImP will not run in the background while your computer is asleep. It’s got things to do and needs your machine to be awake to do them.

It’s also going to take a while… PImPing is difficult.


This software is FREE. No Bitching. This software can max out your machine for as long as you let it. I will not be purchasing you a new laptop/desktop/tablet because you left a job running for a week straight and your power supply decided to eat itself.

If you decide to monitor the PImPing progress, you’ll be able to see a copy of whatever your computer is doing on this site through your android or iDevice or anything else that can run JavaScript and parse an SVG file. There is no guarantee that these images will stay here – housekeeping, code changes, drunken deleting binges – anything might happen.

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